Giftwood - Sun (CD) (5871681372313)

Giftwood-Sun (CD)


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In the beginning was the forest: Inspired by an old family legend, cousins ​​Mike Kolb and Jörg Szameitat spent half a year in the quiet seclusion of a Canadian forest - in a log cabin, with little more than two guitars and a stove. It was during this time that the two realized they needed to be singer-songwriters and form a band. They called themselves Giftwood, after the forest where they found their musical destiny.
The songs they have been writing since then are melodic and lyrical, outrageously catchy and always profound. A balancing act that Giftwood consciously maintain and thus confidently build on the tradition of earlier singer-songwriters. It's no coincidence that their two-part singing suggests comparisons with Simon & Garfunkel.

01 By your side
02 Love in the end
03 The last ray of summer
November 04 gold
05 Rock 'n' roll
06 Find love anywhere
07 My dear
08 No alibi
09 Have you come for me?
10 Sun Serene
11 This town