Giftwood - Winter Letters (CD) (5906920145049)

Giftwood - Winter Letters (CD)


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When two songwriters harmonize like the Altdorfer Mike Kolb and Jörg Szameitat from Giftwood - vocally and instrumentally - then a comparison with Simon & Garfunkel is obvious. Of course, a comparison always falls short. Although Kolb and Szameitat are trained in the folk rock of the late 60s and early 70s, their songs have their own unmistakable signature.
They are complemented congenially by their virtuoso rhythm group consisting of bass, drums and percussion. This is how Giftwood conjure up melancholy, hopeful forest rock that goes straight to the heart and ears. The current album "Winter Letters" is praised by the Nürnberger Nachrichten as a "calm, catchy disc in the best Anglo-American folk tradition".

01 All these songs about you
02 Love song
03 Somewhere
04 Automatic doors
05 Buffalo river galaxy
06 Sept
07 Flea-bite
08 Empty your head
09 These winters without you