Glenfiddle - Put An Egg On It! (CD) (5871717679257)

Glenfiddle - Put An Egg On It! (CD)


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Long awaited by the fans - now it's here: the new studio album by Glenfiddle, the Lübeck folk band with a band history of more than 25 years. "Put An Egg On It" is the name of the ninth sound carrier release and draws an arc from the founding years to the present day. Glenfiddle's typical mix of happy folk songs, own singer-songwriter titles and romantic Irish ballads is enriched with new styles, produced in a contemporary sound.
Band founder Peter Simon (vocals, violin, guitar, mandolin), flautist and keyboarder Jan-Taken de Vries, Andreas Petalas (guitars) and drummer Olaf Koep have incorporated their experiences into new songs after many successful concert years at home and abroad and look back at the same time look back on a long career with newly arranged "classics". The title song "I Wish I Was" from the first music cassette from 1989 is just as important as the musical impressions of the numerous tours to Portugal with "Put An Egg" and "Strawberry Trees".
Glenfiddle fans appreciate the successful mix of traditional and original songs, which is also reflected on this new studio album. Added to this is the overwhelming variety of instruments that the four multi-instrumentalists master. In their own studio and with producer Markus Rollwage, the Glenfiddle musicians have brought these special features together in varied arrangements. The result is the album "Put An Egg On It" with a total of 16 tracks that need not fear comparison with current productions.

01 People From The Sea
02 She Moved Through The Fair
03 Bonaparte's retreat
04 Put An Egg On It
05 Black Is The Colour
06 Strawberry Trees
07 Phil The Fluter
08 Celtic Blues
09 The Rights Of Man Hornpipe
10 Ride On
11 To Baxe Tsifliki
12 I Wish I Was
13 Bourree
14 Locomotive Breath