Glin Amar - Both Sides (CD) (5871767552153)

Glin Amar - Both Sides (CD)


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If you want to know why the beautiful Cecilia is so sad, what the famous actor Sir Peter Ustinov has to do with folk music, how "Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" were sung about around 1540 and why singing is generally better than Reden, he shouldn't miss Glin Amar's new album. With "Both Sides" the six musicians once again show how varied, lively and surprising folk music can be.
Sophisticatedly arranged and instrumented, with fine solo or set vocals, the songs and instrumentals take the listener on an entertaining journey through traditional and modern European music, from Italy to the Balkans, France and Great Britain to Germany.
In addition to traditionals, there are also songs by Sting and ZAZ and his own compositions on this CD, which is exceptional in every respect and which folk fans will enjoy.

1. Free River
2. Pan In Ireland
3. Cecilia
4. Circassian Circle
5. Both Sides The Tweed
6. Schlemmerlied
7. What
8. Ukrainian Polka / Hategana