Glin Amar - Folks For Christmas (CD) (5977675038873)

Glin Amar - Folks For Christmas (CD)


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On "Folks For Christmas" the six musicians from Glin Amar have recorded a handpicked selection of Christmas carols and instrumentals from all over the world. Fourteen pieces from countries like Ireland, Hungary, Catalonia and Germany. Christmas carols, folk songs, hymns. No cheesy Christmas stuff, but sophisticated arrangements, instrumented with guitar and bass, flute and violin, saxophone, vibraphone and bagpipes, percussion, waldzither and more. The CD comes with a 16-page booklet with all the lyrics and short stories and explanations of the origin and background of the tracks.

1. I Saw Three Ships
2. Con Spirito
3. Maria went through a thorn forest
4. Gaudete
5. Christmas In The Old Man's Hat
6. Beautiful rose flower
7. Soul Cake
8. Gabriel's Message
9. Oh fir tree
10.Christmas Candle
11. Veni, veni, Emmanuel
12. A vint-i-cinc de Desembre
13.Christmas Jigs
14. Christmas In Killarney