Glin Amar - The Green And The Blue (CD) (5871674359961)

Glin Amar - The Green And The Blue (CD)


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Six musicians skilfully pave their way through folk music. From emotionally interpreted German songs and ballads to French musette waltzes and Breton dances to virtuoso jigs and reels. It continues with jazzy tango interpretations and musical excursions to Israel or the Balkans. But Glin Amar don't stop at the combination of well-known film music with English songs and original compositions
And just as diverse as the repertoire are their instruments and their singing. With violin and flute, guitars, saxophone and diatonic accordion, but also zither, mandolin, percussion, bass and catchy solo or set vocals, Glin Amar show their full musicality and know how to give each piece their own style, the style of Glin Amar.

01 Morrison's jig
02 The green and the blue
03 Endro mod koh
04 Catherine Howard's fate
05 Athole highlanders
06 The lime tree blacksmith
07 It leads across the Main
08 Musette
09 Chocolat-Party preparations
10 Chocolat - Guillaume's confession
11 Chocolat - Minor swing
12 Story from the rain
13 Pirate Suite - Ludebik walz (Intro)
14 Pirate suite - The bonnie ship "The Diamond"
15 Pirate Suite - He's a pirate
16 Pirate Suite - Ludebik walz (Outro)
17 Ajde Jano
18 Simchat