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Gold Fire - My Time (CD)


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The singer Sissy Chrysos releases her debut album "Meine Zeit" under the pseudonym Goldfeuer. Goldfeuer was brought to life by Sissy Chrysos and her father Jörg Hoffmann, the composer and pianist of the songs. All lyrics of the 15 songs are penned by the two. The first single was “Was für ein geiler Tag” (Radio Edit) released. This song is a driving, summery, feel-good holiday song with a great chorus that quickly becomes a catchy tune. The video for this song also expresses this and you think of the south and, like Sissy, of the Mediterranean.
With her naturalness and positive charisma and her sensitive, clear voice, Sissy Chrysos sings her way straight into people's hearts. She not only brings the songs to life with her voice, but also with her fascinating fire dance.
In "Mondtänzerin" and "I'm totally ecstatic" the music gets a very special character through the audible, pulsating tap dance of the singer and dancer. Three attractive duets have also been created with singer Tony Clark - this is where clarity, rock and sensuality meet.
Anyone who hears the music of Goldfeuer wants to dance, let go, dream. When you see gold fire, you are mesmerized by a unique synthesis of music and fire dance that has never been seen before.

01 What a great day
02 never enough wars
03 Let's dance
04 mom
05 I'm totally ecstatic
06 Get up again
07 moon dancer
08 Until we meet again