Goldstaub - Das Mädchen in mir (CD)

Gold Dust - The Girl In Me (CD)


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With "The girl in me" the Hamburg-Ibbenbüren duo GOLDSTAUB presents their second CD. In their lyrics, the two songwriters Henriette Mudrack and Kai Dorenkamp reveal with gentle irony how we all always strive for something higher, only to then have to wade through the depths of life again. All this is dressed in a light and colorful musical robe of jazz and pop. Her latest work is brighter, louder and poppier than her debut - just like you could imagine the "girl in me".
"Gold dust is a wonderful companion on long car journeys ... there is automatically a feline comfort, a giggling harmony." (Bernd Begemann)

01 November in April
02 Fairy Godmother
03 The girl in me
04 Normal problems
05 Priceless
06 Still waters run deep
07 I'll get you through the night
08 Only you can do that
09 JW
10 Never again
11 A spirit's child
12 I want to stay here
13 golden times