Goldstaub - Worte aus Gold (CD) (5871822045337)

Gold Dust - Words of Gold (CD)


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Goldstaub combines earthiness and cloud nine, the pitfalls of everyday life with Hollywood happy endings and the impossibility and possibility of true love.
Goldstaub sounds like an illegitimate daughter of Reinhard Mey, Annett Louisan, Götz Alsmann and Ina Müller, sometimes swinging, sometimes pop, sometimes in bossa nova beats.
Gold dust is not for moping, but for teetering along, not for shouting along, but for whistling, nothing for moping, but for cultivated amusement.
Singer Henriette Mudrack is not only the golden voice of the duo. With cultivated irony and addressing the audience directly, she also entertainingly leads through the Goldstaub program.
Pianist Kai Dorenkamp has already accompanied illustrious show greats such as Rio Reiser, Mary Roos and Bernd Begemann and writes music for the “Show with de

01 A little salty
02 The embellished biography
03 words of gold
04 There is happiness
05 Come To Stay
06 All gold that glitters
07 This street
08 Game for time
09 Yes - no - maybe
10 I... you
11 You make me good
12 Je veux