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Goodwill Intent - live (CD)


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After their two studio works, Goodwill Intent are now putting out a live album. After all, concerts are the elementary thing - what drives the singer-songwriter-folk musicians. In the meantime, the band has been on stage well over 100 times. Whether it's a full pub or just four spectators at the bar, a small festival or a cozy private concert with friends: the live shows of the four guys from northern Germany thrive on their energy and genuine enthusiasm.
What they all have in common is that special feeling of togetherness - in the songs and between the band members - and the knowledge that you are doing something that might not be earth-shattering, but at least big. For yourself and everyone who wants to be there. The new live record preserves all of this in 21 songs. Sometimes carefree and driving, sometimes thoughtful and always presented with great enthusiasm.

01 Away From The Boredoms
02 This Is Who I Am
03 Anthem
04 Stuck In Between
05 Snapshot
06 A decade
07 Time To Rest
08 More Fights
09 To The Good Stories
10 Rock'N'Roll Inside
11 Glory Nights
12 carry-on
13 Suburban Youth
14 Ambitions To Create