Götz Rausch - Wie die Zeit zerfällt (CD) (5871788884121)

Götz Rausch - How Time Decays (CD)


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On April 5, 2019, Götz Rausch's fourth album will finally be released by Timezone. Already the opener "So long there is a plan" unfolds a wonderful pull and sets the direction that this musician has now taken with his band. It becomes much more powerful and the ironic distance in the lyrics seems to disappear. Both are extremely good for this production.
The musician, who was born in Hamburg, sings hauntingly about the impossibility of making progress without stopping, about the senselessness of always having to be unique and about how pleasant it can be to spend a day without yourself, just to discuss a few topics to name. As with previous releases, you can tell the music was recorded live in the studio, giving the overall sound a vibrancy that's often lacking these days. In addition to piano, drums and guitars, strings and pedal steel guitars are cleverly incorporated, giving the impression of moving through the far-off expanses of North America in some pieces.
In summary it can be said that we are dealing with a musician who is obviously coming into his own more and more and from whom a lot can still be expected. After listening to this album, it is hard to understand why Götz Rausch is still considered an absolute insider tip. Even if he may not have any particular interest in leaving a big mark, he would be treated to it and wished for it.

1. As long as there is a plan
2. How time falls apart
3. Unique
4. Great freedom
5. All the others
6. Not there
7. When all wheels stand still
8. Another day like that