Grayhound O.C.D. - Where My Heart Has Its Home EP (CD) (5906919129241)

Grayhound OCD - Where My Heart Has Its Home EP (CD)


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Grayhound OCD is a new alternative rock band from southern Hesse and was founded in summer 2010. In autumn 2009, singer Gray recorded the debut single "Love from outta space" together with producer/guitarist Rolf Munkes and Daniel Gumb on bass at Empire Studios/Bensheim for the then nameless project.
Musically, the band moves between emotionally charged alternative rock and anthemic power pop. Distorted walls of guitar paired with filigree melodies meet driving rhythms and charismatic, soulful singing. Grayhound OCD are catchy and distinctive. The lyrics deal with the "big" issues and feelings of the people. Above all, love in its most varied manifestations.

01 Where my heart has its home
02 Alone
03 Love from outta space
04 Where my heart has its home (Acoustic Version)