greenbeats - Das Beste aus 10 Jahren (CD) (5871746875545)

greenbeats - The best of 10 years (CD)


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The greenbeats are currently one of the most popular percussion ensembles in Europe. What defines us? In addition to a sophisticated musical performance, a breathtaking show is always guaranteed, with funny choreographies and surprising effects.
So every performance becomes a unique experience. In addition to our stage show, which is played by either 7 or 12 musicians, there are mobile performances, tailor-made performances on everyday objects or unusual instruments and for the really big stage there are also shows including a 5-piece rock band! The best live and studio recordings from 10 years of greenbeats on one CD!

01 Mayweek
02 Mozambique
03 ANY
04 Seven Nation Army
05 eagle owl owl
06 Africa
07 Samba No. Green
08 Rock Four
09GG Intro
10 The Shuffle