greenbeats - greenbeats origin live (CD) (5871692742809)

greenbeats - greenbeats origin live (CD)


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Pure percussion entertainment! The 12 young percussionists from greenbeats origin play very catchy compositions - from Latin to reggae to funk and rock, everything is included. Although the CD features only percussion instruments, it is surprisingly melodic.
greenbeats origin is the core of the various greenbeats ensembles. At the performances in recent years - with a focus on the Northwest Germany region - the percussion artists took the hearts of the fans by storm. The strong bond with the home region distinguishes the team. And greenbeats origin is regarded as a talent factory for young drummers and percussionists.

01GG Intro
02 Charlie Charlubbsie
03 ANY
04 Mayweek Hide & Seek
05 Baker groove 2012
06 Scojo Jam
07PC Tambourine Dance
08 Basses Away (aka WFG)
09 Songo Maggie
10 The Uptime Rock
11 Bo's Batucada
12 Green Line
13 The Shuffle
14 Samba Groove
15 120 liters
16 Green Mambo
17 D-Sea Stuff