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greenbeats - stage (CD)


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The new stars in the entertainment sky seem conspicuously green, but are still completely dry behind their ears. 11 full-blooded musicians from all over Germany "drummed together" for the ensemble Greenbeats Stage bring a highly electrifying show to the stage. "Our Adrenalin-Alarm program is an energy cocktail for ears and eyes," says Timm Pieper, founder and head of the troupe, summarizing his mission. 8 percussion entertainers, supported by exceptional talents on guitar, bass and keyboard - it doesn't take more professionals to set the stages of this world in ecstatic vibrations.
The spectacular show is characterized by elaborate stage and instrument constructions, fantastic lighting effects and lots of extras to marvel at. "Although our program contains a lot of funny and spectacular show elements, the music is absolutely in the foreground," emphasizes Pieper. Rock, hard rock, Latin, funk, swing, hip hop - the musical diversity impresses even those who have been in the industry for many years.

01 EINY (stage version)
02 The Mayweek Blast (stage version)
03 Mozambique
04 Shuffle/Batucada medley
05 Bottles Ignition
06 Uptime Rock (stage version)
07 eagle owl eagle owl
08 Raging Mormons
09 Africa
10 Seven Nations Army