Grey City Passengers - s/t (12" Vinyl-Album) (6089019228313)

Gray City Passengers - s/t (12" vinyl album)

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The guys from "Grey City Passengers" are a Berlin rock'n'roll band, which the singer Fab Cirotti got going in 2013. In the same year they released their first single "Hot Gold" on Tornado Ride/Grey City Records. After countless gigs in and outside of the capital, her second single "Gotta Stop" was released in 2014. "Good things take time" or something like that - at the beginning you saw a few "passengers" coming and going within the cast until the chemistry was finally right.
Meanwhile, Julien Lasala (drums), as well as F. Potenzano and Tito Lee (guitars) form the inspirational circle around Cirotti. 2016 is now the release year of their album "Grey City Passengers", which appears on off label records. Ten songs, concentrated rock'n'roll, inspired by the good dirt of the seventies and with a touch of Berlin mysticism. Accordingly, the live shows of the guys are a force, so that the dancing leg is guaranteed to be swung!

Side A
01 Every Mile
02 Aim At Pleasure
03 Lola
04 Sun City
05 The Same

Side B
06 Think About It
07 Electricity
08 Stay With You
09 Dream Lovers Thurs
10 Hypothetical Life