Greyhound George Band - Get Up And Walk! (CD)
Greyhound George Band - Get Up And Walk! (CD)

Greyhound George Band - Get Up And Walk! (CD)


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Greyhound George heard this sentence in the seventies from blues veteran champion Jack Dupree, who had benevolently observed the first musical attempts of the young Bielefeld blues scene.
Since then, George has studied and interpreted the blues in all its varieties and manifestations, but he never forgot that phrase. His own blues translates normal life into music. With all due respect for the old masters of traditional blues, he always incorporates modern and unique elements into his music and lyrics.
For many years he has relied primarily on his own material for his concerts and recordings. His guitar playing and last but not least his songwriting have brought Greyhound George some recognition in the international blues world. The biggest of these was probably getting into the finals of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis/Tennessee.
"Get Up And Walk" is a very personal album that probably only came out in 2020/21. An album whose songs tell of lockdown, existential fears, overstretched relationships and now more than ever a party mood. Musically, the boundaries between blues, jazz and soul, between Memphis, New Orleans and Bielefeld are blurred.
"Get Up And Walk" is an album by someone who grew up musically in the 70's. This was a time when a good song intro could be as long as today's single, and a track without an extensive guitar or organ solo wasn't taken seriously. All those musical roots can be heard, but "Get Up And Walk" isn't a retro sound, it's a versatile and multi-layered modern blues album.
The band, which the "Bluesnews" once wrote about playing "so tight that no sheet of paper fits between them", again consists of the proven rhythm section with Wolfgang Lohmann on bass and Detlev Schütte on drums. In addition, this time Dieter Kozak on organ and piano. George's longtime collaborator Andy Grünert plays the blues harp.
On some titles, the band is reinforced by a three-piece wind section consisting of Jens Buschenlange on trumpet, Matthias Günther on sax and Michael Meyer on trombone.
The next generation of German blues musicians is represented by Bad Temper Joe, who can be heard on two tracks as singer and guitarist.

01 Thin Line
02 Bad Luck
03 Messed Up State Of Mind
04 Alienation Blues
05 Back In The Groove
06 Rambling Min
07 Twenty Twenty
08 Pack It Up
09 Hot Line To Heaven
10 Underrated
11 The Winning Team
12 Shake What You've Got
13 Good Years For The Blues