Gunslinger - Better Times (CD) (5871673475225)

Gunslinger - Better Times (CD)


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Musically, the exact classification is difficult, as a very wide range of styles is served from classic rock to heavy metal, through catchy sing-along refrains with the touch of a ballad. Sometimes razor-sharp guitar riffs, reminiscent of Judas Priest or Saxon, underlaid with a clear, big bass that plays so perfectly with the drums that a metronome would look old in comparison, right in the listener's face.
At other moments, psychedelic vocals and guitar melodies make good old Santana appear in your mind's eye. In between, the rockers from Osnabrück also indulge in simple, catchy party rock'n'roll songs or show their roots by making the listener think they have recognized Motörhead.
Live is an explosive, professional and energetic show that has everything you would expect from a rock 'n' roll band and could not imagine from a heavy metal band. In the end there is a band that is able to inspire the audience with their songs from the first second and, due to the great variety on their recordings, not even the slightest hint of boredom arises.

01 My money your body
02 Summer days (To be drunk is ok)
03 Get back
04 super tramp
05 My lady
06 Alone
07 Better times
08 We are
09 My pain is your game
10 Lemmy 65
11 Animal zones
12 Dirty
13 Desert Nightmare
14 She knows