Gwennyn - Best Of Gwennyn (CD) (5871791603865)

Gwennyn - Best Of Gwennyn (CD)


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"Unforgettable encounters, breathtaking smiles, unexpected surprises, extraordinary stage outfits and a Breton soul that is deeply interwoven with itself and forms a bridge between me, you and the wide horizon."
The new best-of album is a mix of wonderful fan favorites, Gwennyn's favourites, and unreleased songs - an album of 18 trilingual songs (Breton, French, English) - presented by Coop-Breizh.

1. New Andro
2. Tristan Et Yseult
3. Excalibur
4. Oceans
5. Let The Storm
6. Beo
7. La Cavalière
8. Good
9. Ev Chistr 'Ta Laou