Harald Pons - Wo kommen wir denn da hin (CD) (6104307761305)

Harald Pons - where are we going (CD)


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Stories about life with Alzheimer's ("Second Best Life"), with burnout ("In the Silence") and after a heart attack ("Dr. Intensive"), but also about normal madness ("My Lucky Day", "It's Easy" , "Everything from life") or about sex in old age ("Super Sexy Oma"), combined with a musical range from singer/songwriter, pop/rock, to tango, rumba, salsa and slow fox, make the 4th Solo CD by Harald Pons with the title "Where are we going from there?" to something special. Does it all fit together? - fits!
An album that stands out from the current German singer-songwriter and pop scene without losing its topicality. "Where are we going when the bees don't fly anymore" says the title song. "Dr. Intensive" definitely has the potential to become the "thank you song of the year" for all medical departments.
But Harald Pons doesn't quite manage to do without love songs either. "I miss you" and "Thank you again" focus on love and the relationship with his wife, although here too it's more about deep feelings than about nights of dancing. "That may well be due to age," was the laconic justification. With "You are my amber room for me" and "I would have built the Taj Mahal for you" Harald Pons managed to make a decent declaration of love. In the meantime, he has turned quite grey, and in "Child with Gray Hair" he once again sings about the times of "his own great adventures", even if they only happened in his imagination. "Still there" is then also the anthem for the 56+ generation.
A total of 17 titles that allow you to look deep and see far. In any case, Harald Pons has once again managed to write texts that do without interchangeable phrases and bombastic images, that are concrete, go into detail and deal with the really important things in life.
So the decisive question from the title "Quite simply":
"Who cares about any teaching if digestion doesn't work?".
One can only wish that one or the other radio presenter has the "courage" to surprise his listeners. "Life is serious business, so it's best not to take yourself too seriously and especially not that important." That's the current mood.

01 Second Best Life
02 Where are we going then?
03 Super sexy granny
04 dr Intensive
05 The woman who doesn't exist
06 cross country
07 My lucky day
08 In the silence
09 I miss you
10 Absolutely good
11 child with gray hair
12 The world has never seen this before
13 In the shade
14 Everything from life
15 Very simple
16 Still there
17 thanks again