Hartholz - Kalte Wand (CD) (5871801041049)

Hardwood - Cold Wall (CD)


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Hartholz are four guys from Brandenburg. Guys from next door, but somehow the four are quite different. More is tried here. Influences from punk and metal, yes, they have them! But doesn't everyone do that? If you only think of dull 4/4 licks and flat lyrics when you think of German-speaking rock, you're wrong with the boys! Well-arranged riffs and honest lyrics that don't hit the crap precociously make it clear at the latest when singer Jogi picks up the trumpet: the guys may not have reinvented the wheel here, but with a lot of heart and soul, over three years, alongside work and private life, put all their energy into an album that will give many a new feeling for German rock! Fresh wind in old sails, sometimes stormy, sometimes shallow.

01 gasoline
02 Master's hand
03 Cold wall
04 Hello
05 fists of iron
06 do you love
07 Mom's darling
08 Welcome
09 Let's fly
10 This is how we celebrate