Healer - Heading For The Storm (CD) (5871786786969)

Healer - Heading For The Storm (CD)


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The Münster-based band Healer combines various elements that already characterized the big rock bands of the 70s and 80s: pounding riffs, stadium-ready anthems, shimmering synths and sprawling vocals. The six musicians bow musically to the heroes of this era, without missing their own signature. The members of Healer draw on their experience from successful bands of different genres (Long Distance Calling, Zodiac, Misery Speaks, Orden Ogan) as well as their lead singer's many years of stage work in operas and musicals.

01 Desert Star
02 Heading For The Storm
03 What Lovers Do
04 Strangers Of The Night
05 Big Dreams
06 Same Old Road
07 Liar's Day
08 healers
09 Rolling Thunder
10 Time Of Defeat