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Mr. Jan - s/t (CD)


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His music is as colorful as his CV. With great attention to detail, Mr. Jan gives each of his songs their own musical world and skilfully wanders through the wide landscape of music. The world traveller, experiential educator and musician records his own songs and plays most of the instruments himself. The first big Herr Jan album is dedicated to his daughter Anni.
His songs are clever and imaginative and inspire parents as much as their children. How is the kangaroo doing, where is the bad weather coming from? What will happen to the tree on the balcony and what happens if you watch too much TV? In Mr. Jan's world, the cuddly toys sing, the crust of sandwiches complains and trees go on holiday.
Sometimes funny and carefree, sometimes thoughtful and profound, Mr. Jan's songs enchant our everyday life and you want to hear them again and again. In 2018, Mr. Jan took second place in the German Children's Song Prize and won the audience award "Das Weberlein" for his song "Kangaroo".

1. A song for you
2. Kangaroo
3. The crust of the buttered bread
4. Your birthday song
5. Wise Pasture
6. The bad weather factory
7. Rubber shoe
8. Teddy's song
9. TV kid
10. Hundred
11. Friends
12. The tree from the balcony
13. Quiet Journey