Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Das Schummelbuch (CD) (5871674163353)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - The Cheat Book (CD)


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With the right feeling for the situation, Mr. Müller presents a children's concert program with great entertainment value and participation guarantee. Thanks to his many years of experience in the field of early musical education and children's music, he has put together a program of his own songs that have been tried and tested by kids and have been approved. Inspired by their own boys Ben & Pepe, the songs are so close to the children that taking part is a matter of course. You can dance, laugh, jump, play the air guitar and even bubble along in the cups provided. Without effort, Mr. Müller remains the boss in the ring and every child finds music much, much better than before after his concert. The songs sound best with a band and also work great in a duo or played solo.

01 announcement (cheat book)
02 cheat book
03 Announcement (All hell is breaking loose in the popcorn pot)
04 All hell broke loose in the popcorn pot
05 announcement (pig noses)
06 pig noses
07 Announcement (The marionettes want to tap-dance)
08 The marionettes want to tap-dance
09 announcement (ghost song)
10 ghost song
11 announcement (fish song with pirates)
12 fish song with pirates
13 announcement (frog skirt)
14 frog skirt
15 Announcement (That's how I like you)
16 That's how I like you
17 announcement (instrument ABC)
18 instrument ABC
19 Announcement (Coke)
20 cokes
21 announcement (dance the miller)
22 Dance the miller
23 announcement (instrument presentation
24 instrument presentation
25 The Marionettes (feat. Ben)