Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Der Herkules ist weg (CD) (5871683207321)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - Hercules is gone (CD)


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In Herr Müller's new album, the fairy tale heroes of the Brothers Grimm are looking for the missing Kassel landmark - Hercules. Musically varied, the fairy tale characters present themselves as menacing, bustling, rocking or sensitive.
In addition to their appearance in the songs, you can see the individual characters in the picture and the result is an entertaining and exciting journey through the fairy tale world of the Brothers Grimm, which wonderfully easily arouses a new interest in the topic. This program is aimed primarily at children of primary school age.

01 Announcement: Hercules is gone
02 Hercules is gone
03 Announcement: The little tailor
04 The little tailor
05 Announcement: The wolf
06 The wolf
07 Announcement: Snow White
08 Snow White
09 Announcement: The 7 Dwarfs
10 The 7 Dwarves
11 Announcement: The Bremen Band
12 The Bremen Band
13 Announcement: Three brothers
14 Three brothers
15 Announcement: Mini
16 minis
17 Announcement: Mother Holle
18 Mrs. Holle
19 Announcement: Hooray!
20 Hooray!