Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Stofftierküsserei unterm Mistelzweig (CD) (5871694807193)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - stuffed animal kissing under the mistletoe (CD)


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"Stuffed animal kissing under the mistletoe" - that's the title of the new winter and Christmas CD by "Mr. Müller and his guitar".
In the song of the same name, around 200 of the little Herr Müller fans' favorite stuffed animals are kissed, and it's immediately clear that the children's songwriter's winter album is also funny. Varied songs explain how a kangaroo celebrates Christmas, that this year it should finally be possible to see the Christmas sleigh and Santa Claus and who's favorite cookies are.
In addition, the new year is greeted and “thank you” is said once at Christmas. In the usual sympathetic way, Mr. Müller and his acoustic band present Christmas treats for the ears of big and small people.

01 Announcement: Winter time
02 winter time
03 Announcement: Very, very different
04 Very, very different
05 Announcement: Inside, outside
06 Inside, outside
07 Announcement: The fastest man in the world
08 The fastest man in the world
09 Announcement: Scent of cookies
10 cookie scent
11 Announcement: Hop, hop
12 Hop, hop
13 announcement: stuffed animal kissing
14 Stuffed Animal Kissing
15 Announcement: Christmas Dance6
16 Christmas dance
17 Announcement: A new year
18 A new year
19 Announcement: What else I want to say
20 What else I want to say
21 Announcement: Little Herr Müller
22 Little Herr Müller