Herr Müller - Wenn die Kindlein schlafen... (CD) (5977674776729)

Mr. Müller - When the little ones are asleep... (CD)


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The CD "When the little ones sleep" is a faithful companion when wrapping presents, cooking, baking, decorating, dancing and chilling out together. The well-known classics sound unexpectedly sometimes as reggae, as disco dance, R&B number and sometimes contemplative. What remains is the familiar Christmas spirit that these traditionals simply evoke. Singing along is guaranteed, at least until the second or third verse... :-)

01 Suzani
02 The lights are on on the Christmas tree
03 Rejoice, earth and star tent
04 It will soon be dark
05 From heaven high
06 The angel hears bright songs
07 O you happy
08 As I watch over my sheep
09 A time has come for us
10 I stand by your cribs here
11 Big Red Candles
12 Hush, hush, hush
13 What else I wanted to say