Hilde - Waterfall (CD) (5871701000345)

Hilde - Waterfall (CD)


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With "Waterfall" Hilde Kampen-Wilczek has fulfilled a wish. She decided to record a CD with her bandmate and longtime friend Otmar Kolbeck. Since he would sing just like Hilde herself, the vocal part of the CD was "secured". For emotional accompaniment, the two decided on an instrument "that touches the soul", the piano, the recording of which Dimitri Geiger (piano teacher) and Wilhlem Kampmann (also a band colleague) share for the most part. What is special is that the 12-year-old daughter also recorded a piece by Hilde. The pieces contained on the CD correspond to a "waterfall of feelings" - there is a song for almost every mood.

01 Things
02 Angels
03 Beauty and the Beast
04 Just Like Heaven
05 Sex on Fire
06 chasing cars
07 Fever
08 Mr Bojangles
09 Time After Time
10 When September Ends
11 Power of Love
12 Because the Night
13 Love Songs