Hilke Billerbeck - Where Is The Light (CD) (5871759130777)

Hilke Billerbeck - Where Is The Light (CD)


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Hilke Billerbeck's love for traditional Irish music began with the discovery of the Irish frame drum bodhrán. The Hamburg musician has been traveling to the island, which has meanwhile become her second home, with her guitar, bodhrán and dancing shoes for ten years. Encounters and unforgettable experiences with lovely people in special places inspired her to create her very own arrangements of traditional slow airs and tunes for solo guitar or for her duo celtic classical music with the flutist Julia Wetzel-Kagelmann.
Hilke Billerbeck's Where is the Light? Cá Bhfuil an Solas?” is a very personal kaleidoscope of impressions, a musical declaration of love to Irish culture. The recordings were made by musicians and producers Garry O'Briain in County Clare, Ireland and by Mehmet Ergin in Hamburg.

1. Ca Bhfuil to Solas? Monday Jig
2. The Clare Reel / P.Joe's Reel
3. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music / Hunting the Squirrel
4. Crock of Gold / Old Station House
5. Máiri Bhan Óg
6. The Road to Galway
7. The Ring of Kerry
8. The Lord of Blarney's Jig