Hörbie Schmidt Band - Ich liebe den Blues (CD) (5871798223001)

Hörbie Schmidt Band - I love the blues (CD)


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The first purely German-language album "I love the blues" is a cry for love! Hörbie Schmidt - singer, guitarist, lyricist and composer literally "lets his pants down". The North German cult figure with the curly lion's mane gives a deep insight, outlook and review of his emotional world and his love life. His warm, energetic, humorous and profound voice tells of lust and passion, of longing and dreams, of eroticism and desire between aspiration and reality, heaven and hell and hope and vision. Hörbie comments and reflects on his eventful Rock'n'Roll life in his lyrics - sometimes cheerful to ironic, sometimes dreamy to soulful, sometimes clear and direct. Singer Lili Czuya sings two expressive titles with devotion, in which she describes the death of her beloved father and processes it with a lot of blues and soul. The band musicians belong to the crème de la crème of the live music scene in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.
The Hörbie Schmidt Band is characterized by its very own style, characterized by the harmonious and virtuoso interplay of Sven Selle (piano, organ) and the band leader Hörbie Schmidt on the guitar. This special timbre gives the band its own special touch. This band is also a pleasure live. The audience hangs on the every word of the narrator Hörbie Schmidt. His moderation is entertaining and educational infotainment about blues and love - full of charm, cheeky and lively - and always with a fresh (North German) breeze. The musical roots of the album lie in the legendary blues, which flirts violently with its kids rock, pop, funk, jazz and swing and unites - in the spirit of musical love. Hörbie Schmidt sings in the title song: "I love the blues, the blues is in and with me" In this sense!

01 I should practice that
02 Monitored in Germany
03 It hurts
04 There are times
05 When I wake up in the morning
06 I love the blues
07 Lisa, I love you
08 Traveling soul
09 Lisa, come on, let's go
10 I fell in love
11 Trek mi tu