Horst Weber - Steps (CD) (5871694151833)

Horst Weber - Steps (CD)


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"The Saarland guitarist's style and repertoire definitely have travel quality. Impressionistic music for guitar between jazz and classical is the motto of the interested party on their website and they can look forward to their long player STEPS. Introverted chord changes, which have their origins somewhere between Ralph Towner and Jim Hall, are elegantly played around with solos in expansive compositions. Nylon string, steel string and electric guitar serve as tools, with which Weber creates a wonderfully contemplative atmosphere. Said to have started 30 years ago, this album has a perfectly balanced aura of playful power and inner calm. Compliment.” (Stefan Woldach, acoustic guitar 4/2014)

STEPS is the Saarlander's second solo album. As on his debut ISLAND VIEW, the pieces are mostly composed and arranged for two guitars. With profound and authentic guitar playing, Weber combines jazz, folk and classical music in his lyrical-impressionistic compositions on STEPS, blurring the boundaries between them. Weber brings nylon string, steel string and electric guitar into conversation with each other in a quiet way and with his own handwriting.
Some of the pieces make it clear that Weber also comes from the classical guitar. Weber appreciates the atmosphere and acoustics of churches and regularly uses these spaces to present his music.
STEPS is a 64-minute work full of emotions that shows pictures and tells stories. It takes the listener on a journey into a world of vastness, freedom and lightness.

01 Don't Look Back
02 Postcard to My Friend
03 Paper Boat Journey
04 Paul's theme
05 Train Ride
06 Southerly Breeze
07 On the Black Hill
08 Spring Is Coming
09 Song for S. (Arranged)
10 The Circle