Hotel California - Orange (CD) (6738942951577)

Hotel California - Orange (CD)


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Hotel California combines the soulful sounds of Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and James Bay into a soothing and soul-stirring sound. Nicknamed Hotel California, producer and singer-songwriter Daniel Green [from Hamburg] creates a contemporary form of old-school folk.
Green, who has performed on the Vans Warped Tour and the Sziget Festival, is considered an entertainer who causes a sensation with his charming work. (adapted from Nexus Music Blog, track of the week, March 26)

01 Keep The Fire Burning
02 Let The Ocean Rock Your Soul
03 Universal Civilians
04 Make Some Friends
05 Fuck Yourself
06 Second Season Of Lifetime
07 Lost Love
08 Deadlier Suns
09 Cherry Stone Experiment
10 Soothe My Soul
11 Summer Sun
12 We Aren't Made Of Stone