Hub Hildenbrand Trio - Heimat (CD) (5948062400665)

Hub Hildenbrand Trio - Heimat (CD)


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Hub Hildenbrand, guitarist and composer from Berlin, calls his new CD 'Heimat' "audio film". You can hardly describe it better. What can be heard here in terms of associative music, in terms of sensual sound images, goes far beyond the usual concept of a trio. One must praise Hildenbrand unreservedly for having the courage to create this acoustic kaleidoscope, for the sheer limitless imagination that makes this cycle of artful instrumental short stories possible.
Hildenbrand is a jazz guitarist, but does not use the typical clichés of the genre on this recording, but rather lives out his penchant for oriental sounds. The result is a musical concept that has never existed before: jazzy openness, spirited outbursts, collective improvisations, sound collages, long melody arcs intoned by guitar, bass and oud, harmoniously combined with pictorial motifs, alienated instrument sounds, shimmering Sound sculptures, mystical ostinatos, oriental microtonality. 'Heimat' tells a story, a dream, a journey through life. This recording is a total work of art that uses the structural means of modern film - flashbacks, overlaps, montages, dream sequences - to give the music such a comprehensible multidimensionality that you are fascinated by the listening pleasure and come out of this experience strengthened and inspired.

01 entrance
02 Departure
03 Sleep, my little prince
04 Interlude (Part 1)
05 Don't turn around
06 space
07 On the day of returning home
08 Interlude (Part 2)
09 Bayushki, baju
10 song of a German mother
11 He returns.../Sleep, little children, sleep
12 The silk-merchant's daughter
13 what was
14 In a circle
15 over
16 war
17 The last one turns off the light
18 Early departure
19 What a wonderful world
20 Line Sextet No. 1