Hub Hildenbrand Trio - News from Afar (CD) (5948061712537)

Hub Hildenbrand Trio - News from Afar (CD)


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With the concept album "Heimat" (2007) - his first CD with his own trio - Hub Hildenbrand was able to achieve more than just a respectable success. The critics gave him comments such as "The most intensive musical experience in a long time", "Journey to the center of the self" (Jazzthetik) or "The CD of the year 2007" (Jazzzeit).
With "News from afar" he presents a new master album. Here, too, intensive listening is required. Hildenbrand opens your ears with his sensitive mixture of jazz, Turkish and Indian scales or oriental ornamentation. The world music elements are completely in the service of the musical statement. His tonal language is very individual and nevertheless understandable. Because often we find ourselves much better in initially strange, exotic sounds than in well-worn musical phrases. "News from afar" makes news from alien layers of our being accessible rather than just exotic impressions from afar.
Listening to the "News from afar" is definitely one thing: an experience.

01 There were two royal children
02 Anadolu (Anatolia)
03 Chant
04 A New Song
05 Snow
06 A bright day
07 News From Bangladesh
08 Marwa
09 In Passing