Ian Melrose & Uwe Neumann - Heine Gets The Groove (CD) (6647596056729)

Ian Melrose & Uwe Neumann - Heine Gets The Groove (CD)


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Heinrich Heine's texts are almost two centuries old, and yet they seem so fresh, so modern, so astonishingly close to today's attitude towards life (his language is of such poetic directness and such lightness as in a folk song) that the idea almost urged: one would have to invent a separate music for the poems - from deep sadness to malicious mockery - because each of these pieces has its own temperature, its own composition of wit, anger, knowledge of the world and melancholy. And so a variety of musical forms have emerged, from art songs to chansons and world music to blues and rap.
The actor Uwe Neumann, obsessed with languages ​​and at home on many stages, and the internationally recognized guitar virtuoso Ian Melrose give the poetry of Heine the groove that is actually hidden in it anyway in their thoroughly playful debut.
Melrose and Neumann have achieved a remarkably high sound quality: It was recorded, mixed and mastered by the renowned sound engineer Jörg Surrey at Surrealis Sounds Studio @ Teldex in Berlin. In addition to the main actors, top Berlin session musicians were invited to the studio for some songs in order to further deepen and refine the sound experience.
Texts by Heinrich Heine (selected by Uwe Neumann). All music composed by Ian Vance Melrose and Uwe Frederic Neumann, except "Angel Eyes" (M. & T: M.Dennis & EK Brent).
All music arranged by Ian Vance Melrose. Produced by Ian Melrose and Uwe Neumann.

Uwe Neumann: singing, recitation
Ian Melrose: acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, mandolin, vocals, udu,
hand percussion, programming

Martin Lillich: double bass, bass cello
Jan Hermerschmidt: clarinet
Agustin Strizzi: drums, percussion
Borys Slowikowski: percussion
Special guest: Manfred Leuchter - accordion at "A Sea of ​​Love"

01 review
02 First beating
03 Society
04 The Knight
05 The mermaids
06 Donna Clara
07 In the brain
08 The brown rats
09 Under the white tree
11 A sea of ​​love
12 old piece
13 night lay on my eyes
14 The Dragonfly
15 Angel Eyes
16 lotus flower
17 Ms. concern
18 Old Rose
19 She goes out