Ian Tray Band - Electricity (CD)

Ian Tray Band - Electricity (CD)


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The Ian Tray Band releases their long-awaited debut album, Electricity. Eight songs invite the listener on a journey: exhilaration followed by falling, the deep blue of the ocean to the crackling in the air just before a thunderstorm.

The songs, which are mostly written by frontman and namesake Ian Tray, work well for solo performances by the frontman as well as with a full band line-up. And this is exactly where the Ian Tray Band comes into its own. They take the listener on the many journeys and experiences that Tray uses in his songs.
The album was created in the venerable Universum in Bünde. Recorded live with the entire band, without a net or false bottom. Four friends, an old cinema and a lot of passion for music. There was a lot of experimentation and tinkering in advance of how best to capture the band's unique sound, but the result was time and time again that only live can create the dynamics that characterize the Ian Tray Band.
The band was founded in 2017 and has been a four-piece band with a classic line-up ever since. Above all, the already accumulated experience of all members on various stages of the world comes into its own when it comes to songwriting. In the end, every song by the Ian Tray Band becomes something special.

01 Saturn
02 Sober
03 Love you
04 Ocean
05 Miracle
06 Black Stains
07 Mars
08 Electricity