ilimitado - Moabiter Romanze (CD)

ilimitado - Moabit Romance (CD)


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Every few years it is tipped in Berlin that Moabit could become the next trend district. But it never happened; no matter how many artists and students here prepare the ground for an environment worthy of gentrification; Moabit remains exciting in a charming way and nonchalantly combines multiculturalism, down-to-earthness and the artist scene. Marco Ponce Kärgel has his rehearsal room here, to which he invited Sven Schneider one day to indulge in a "Moabiter Romance" with both acoustic guitars, a first sketch of a composition of the same name. In the basics, the two discover almost endless stylistic possibilities, so that the arrangements of their own compositions cheerfully explore the transitions between classic and jazz. Twisted rhythms throw them onto clear structures, startle beguiling melodies with offbeat tones. Experimental noise meets jazzy harmonies, dynamic breaks and rocking riffs. Two listen to each other and throw the musical snowballs around each other's ears like two professional jugglers. In nine original compositions, stories and fantasy soundtracks, the two musicians now tell of this turbulent "Moabit Romance" as ilimitado on their debut album.

Very old school, after a few intensive performances, we went straight to Dietrich Petzold's tonus arcus studio to take energy, excitement and excitement into the recordings, to record everything live in one go. In Dietrich Petzold, the violinist, composer and producer, they found the man with the right ear and a great deal of experience in musical pieces arranged in a reduced manner. There were no overdubs. Just two steel-string guitars and two musicians who concentrate on the essentials - telling their story, listening to each other and playing together.
The word "ilimitado" comes from Spanish and stands for the unlimited. A bit like the origin and the musical work of the two musicians.

01 Bregoran
02 From active life
03 Wrist can wait
04 Beautiful Elise's dress
05 The memory of water
06 Early Easter
07 The Black Forest is on the Bosporus
08 poodle bites
09 Once upon a time there was a hybrid