Impressive Path - Faces Of The Canyon (CD) (5871757983897)

Impressive Path - Faces Of The Canyon (CD)


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The instrumental studio project was founded in 2016 by Tobias Wehrle in the Black Forest. Inspired by the breathtaking nature of his homeland, the artist creates a direct connection to the landscape of the Black Forest through the sound of his instruments. In the foreground, the melodies are generated with his wooden instrument, the sonorous marimba.
The powerful sound is accompanied by percussion instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, as well as sampled strings and a sampled choir.
With "Faces Of The Canyon" a varied album is presented that shows the different characteristics or "faces" of the wild and romantic Wutach Gorge in the south of the Black Forest. The first album aims to give the listener a visual impression of the breathtaking gorge. Ultimately, the intention of the project is for the listeners to visit the gorge in order to form their own impression of the unique environment. You will embark on an "impressive path" there, impressed by the sound of nature.
Maybe our whole life is an impressive path - from birth to death. Every single day we exist on earth, it feels like finding oneself on an impressive path. So embark on a journey and find your own Impressive Path!

01 Dawn
02 Unknown Woods
03 Hiking adventures
04 Hopeful Dreams
05 Sunrise And Mountains
06 Faces Of The Canyon
07 Sacred Site
08 Imaginations Of A Landscape
09 Far Journey
10 Back To The Horizon