Incredible Pack - Time For Decisions (12 Vinyl-Album)

Incredible Pack - Time For Decisions (12 Vinyl Album)


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When three rock icons get together, whose past reads like a who's who of the German music scene, and who then devote themselves to blues rock, you can expect an "incredible package". In 2017, a power trio was formed with guitar genius Andreas Schmid-Martelle, the "German Pope of drumming" (US Drummer Magazine) Manni von Bohr and the bassman with international stature, Ufo Walter, whose music comes out of the speakers "straight and tough". and lives up to the band name: "Incredible Pack". "Andreas, Ufo and I have been on the German scene with various bands for a long time and know what we want to play. We're a real, honest power trio, letting the fresh rock 'n' roll wind blow into the somewhat worn-out pop and rock scene in Germany,” Manni explains the band's intentions. And Andreas adds, "Our music is 90 percent rock 'n' roll, 5 percent blues and 5 percent funk". After their first album "Packed in Blue" (2020), which could best be described as blues rock made in Texas, on the follow-up "Time For Decisions" (December 3, 2021) they again show a Texan-influenced blues rock, which is a successful liaison with classic/hard rock. During the period without events, the guys decided to be creative rather than mope and are now releasing a second album. Stylistically, the "Incredible Pack" continues its powerful line on "Time For Desicions" and Martelle, with the right sensitivity in songwriting, manages to create pieces with a high recognition value. He successfully mixes several styles of music in individual songs without apparent breaks in the pieces. For example, the initially hard-rocking “Hot Shot”, in which Martelle sets out on the path to rather hard Texan blues rock with a guitar solo that also goes with ZZ Top. The stylistic diversity is made possible by two masters of their trade, the two rock veterans, Manni von Bohr and Ufo Walter, who form a rhythm section that provides a full and downright driving sound basis. In addition, Martelle's versatile guitar playing, who repeatedly intersperses fine solos in addition to the rhythm work. "We play music for ears, brains and legs, with catchy, energetic songs that are neither flat nor unimaginative," explains Manni. Analogies to blues greats are sometimes recognizable in the songs, in that melodies or solos are cleverly built into the band's own song structure in a slightly modified way, so that the slightly ballad-like "Let Me Be Your Friend" reminds Jimi Hendrix fans of "Little Wing". can. In a way, it is a journey through time through the world of rather harder blues rock, which also includes grooving numbers like "Sleeping With The Lights On", which Dr. Feelgood would have looked good sets a good example. Or the heavy “Disbelieve”, in which the vocals already lean towards Lemmy in the chorus; although Martelle's multifaceted voice is a tad softer. With "Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive" and "Hello Josephine" there are two bonus tracks on the CD, which are not to be seen as fillers in terms of quality, because there is simply more space on a CD than on a vinyl album . "Time For Decisions" is a self-contained complete work that also appeals to die-hard blues fans with a fine hand in songwriting and the compilation of the songs. The old guard of German rock shows that they are far from being old-fashioned, but are still bursting with energy. And that energy is soon to be found live on stage with a packed setlist from both albums. "We haven't been able to tour yet and we haven't played a concert with this line-up yet. But we're really excited to play the program live and the audience can expect a full load of 'Rock 'n' Roll right in yer face',” says Martelle enthusiastically. With "Time For Decisions" the Incredible Pack made a good decision for themselves and all blues and rock fans - an invitation to really let off steam. (Text: Gernot Mangold/Merle Lotz)

Side A
01 Sleeping With The Lights On
02 Hotshot
03 Disbelieve
04 Practice What You Preach
05 Time For A Decision
Side B
01 Let Me Be Your Friend
02 Worse Before It Gets Better
03 I Can't Cry
04 Dangerous Age
05 Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive