InFlator - The Conditioning (CD) (5871729541273)

InFlator - The Conditioning (CD)


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InFlator mixes old vibes from the 90s crossover era with modern elements. From ballads to energetic guitar riffs, combined with synthesizers, InFlator present a chart-worthy album with "The Conditioning". The message of the five Hamburgers: "Be and live consciously, have fun in life and don't let yourself be manipulated."
With their musical versatility and their creative performance, the band has many a surprise in store. This allows them to reach a wide audience. InFlator has already been able to convince the audience and jury at various contests and win a number of prizes.

01 Demons
02 Electric
03 Leave It All Behind
04 Right Now
05 You're the Hunter Not the Prey
06 II.II.II (Eleven)
07 What She Really Wants
08 Fallin'
09 Mr Crumble 10 Memories