Innenwelten - Verdichtungen (CD) (5871799566489)

Inner Worlds - Compressions (CD)


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The Inner Worlds project has its origins in the idea of ​​“condensing” lyrical texts instrumentally and dramaturgically. This concentration may make the listener want to first selectively explore the text and music. For people whose listening focus is primarily on capturing text content, the dramaturgy of the music can deepen the effect of the words.
Conversely, people with listening habits that are primarily geared towards sound quality can experience the right word as an enrichment. The listener is invited to participate in an exemplary process of self-discovery and maturation.
Dealing with the "drama" touches on profound life issues that people encounter in sensitive phases of life - and can motivate them to come to terms with them internally. The sequence of the songs leads the listener through a process that thrives on concentration to the solution, to finally find the calming pole in the fine sound accents of the ballad "Stille". The musical design intends to expressively emphasize this process with the help of carefully selected instrumental accents, with the aim of making the text content comprehensible on a further level of perception. To be noted! The combination of poetry and music can usually only be grasped over a wide area and have an effect after repeated listening.

01 opening
02 Our love
03 impermanence
04 inner worlds
05 Ode to opposites
06 light and shadow
07 countercurrent
08 silence