Insolvent Insomniacs - Between The Lines (CD) (5871772434585)

Insolvent Insomniacs - Between The Lines (CD)


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Good things take time: There are ten songs on the second work of the insolvent Insomniacs. Ten songs that were created over a period of almost five years and over distances of hundreds of kilometers. The influences that you can hear everywhere "between the lines" are correspondingly diverse: in addition to the usual suspicious ska and reggae offbeats, peppered with up to four-part brass riffs, there are elements from punk, rock, dub and world music to hip hop .
Despite this diversity, the seven musicians manage to create a homogeneous and at the same time multifaceted sound and pack it into well-rounded songs. Tight rhythms, dynamic wind sections and harmonious vocal passages are not least the result of a line-up that has been solid for many years.
The songwriting has also matured lyrically: you honestly find yourself somewhere in the middle of nowhere between the ambivalences and uncertainties of this world and, above all, enjoy the freedom that this offers and opens the way for something new. So the second album by the Osnabrück band is also an album about constant change, the power of one's own decisions and the rays of hope on seemingly gray days.

"Cause somewhere between the lines of false and true I'll make it through."

1. 54°
2. Tonight
3. Choices
4. Man Overbored
5. For All I'm Worth
6. Vaccine
7. As Time Goes By
8. Waifs And Strays
9. Between The Lines
10. Always there