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Isgaard - Human (CD)


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Human - human is the name of Isgaard's eighth album, which she recorded together with her life and music partner Jens Lueck, and thus indicates the comprehensive theme of a great conceptual album.
"We live in turbulent times that have had a major impact on the album, especially when you consider the fragility of humans and our planet," explains the artist. The focus of the ten songs is on dealing with people in all their ambivalence. "Black Swan" addresses the exclusion of differences, "Frozen Hearts" tells of a generation traumatized by the war in Syria or "Your World Is Broken" of the scars of a "broken" childhood.
“We always sit together and discuss what makes humanity special. All the creativity, humanity, empathy, helpfulness on the one hand, then again the will to destroy, selfishness, ignorance and small-mindedness on the other hand! That just needed to be said, just like the exploration of impermanence in the song "See The Leaves Falling" or in "I Couldn't Say Goodbye" dedicated to a friend who has passed away."
Musically, the album is multifaceted, exciting, always consistent and characterized by a wide range of vocal colors, which Isgaard expands from album to album. Electronics meet strings (a complete orchestra with real strings was overdubbed), unusual samples are juxtaposed with striking guitars and unique piano passages. And the dynamic song structures take the listener on an emotional journey.
A special place on the album is the three-part track "Borders" (almost 17 minutes long), which is influenced by art and progressive rock and probably deviates furthest from Isgaard's previous line.
The three-part series deals with the consequences of internal and external isolation. In a world that is so highly technical and where everything is interconnected, problem solving or development steps can only be achieved by overcoming borders.

01 See The Leaves Falling
02 I Countn't Say Goodbye
03 The Sun Comes Up Tomorrow
04 Black Swan
05 Your World Is Broken
06 A Billion Souls All Still Alone
07 Frozen Hearts
08 Borders Part 1 (Awakening)
09 Borders Part 2 (Fractioning)
10 Borders Part 3 (In The Cage)