Isgaard - Naked (CD) (5871715975321)

Isgaard - Naked (CD)

FEM 2014-001

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Naked is Isgaard's fifth studio album to date. The singer and her longtime producer and fellow musician Jens Lueck consistently continue on their path and combine a wide variety of musical styles into an emotional network of sounds that is always focused on Isgaard's charismatic voice.
Delicate piano passages alternate with pulsating beats, electronic and acoustic sounds sometimes form counterpoints, sometimes they combine to create a very unique sound pattern. Isgaard's voice guides the listener, tells stories and flies through a variety of timbres from low to high. In terms of content, the album spans an arc from red-hot topics (critical consideration of the financial world and consumer society) to very personal and introverted texts.

01 overflow 1
02 Overflow 2
03 In My Arms
04 Twice
05 Brightside
06 On My Knees
07 Choni
08 Break the deal
09 Endless Journey
10 Lack Of Humanity
11 The World Inside