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Isgaard - Playing God (CD)


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After the 2008 album Wooden Houses, which still has constant sales figures, Isgaard and her producer and fellow musician Jens Lueck are now coming up with a new work. The album, mostly recorded between October 2011 and January 2012, is called Playing God and features 11 songs that are like musical stories; Stories that are sometimes striking, sometimes quiet and full of tenderness and where there are always things to discover "between the lines".
Some songs are much more intimate than many songs from the previous album and Isgaard's vocals sound fragile, almost vulnerable and direct, whispering in the listener's ear. "Sad or thoughtful topics often move me more than anything else," says Isgaard, and she conveys that directly with her voice.
But other influences are also new to Isgaard's music. Musically, the 70s were perhaps the most important years for pop and rock music (according to Jens Lueck) and shaped the two musicians on their way. Elements from this period can be found again and again on “Playing God”. Ethnic, world music as well as avant-garde and classical influences are further ingredients, because both musicians abhor boundaries in music. Isgaard's voice also shows new facets, sometimes you can hear it in "unusually low registers", but that also suits the small woman with the big voice excellently. “Playing God” – an album on which there is a lot to hear…. preferably with headphones!

01 Northern Lights
02 Playing God
03 Failing
04 Golden Dust
05 teardrops
06 Paradise
07 Time Trip
08 Fly
09 Scaring Me
10 The Water Came
11 Walking Down the Line