Isgaard - Whiteout (CD) (5871738650777)

Isgaard - Whiteout (CD)

FEM 2016-001

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whiteout. The moment when sky and snow-covered earth merge at the horizon line and you no longer know where the land ends and nothingness begins. Or being lost in the dense fog that takes away the contours of everything, that swallows every shape.
This is how Isgaard has often felt over the past two and a half years after the release of her last album, Naked, as she confronted the chaos of today's reality. And what could be more obvious for a singer than to translate these emotions into music?
Together with her life and project partner Jens Lueck, Isgaard has written 13 pieces that make no compromises in terms of content or music. Somewhere between art-pop elements, intimate, folky-inspired acoustic parts, rock fragments and string orchestra-based passages, Isgaard's multi-faceted voice flies through the pieces and combines everything into a style all of its own. Sometimes vulnerable, delicate, sometimes powerful, she covers a wide range of tones and sounds, only to finally end up in the ethno area in "Tikdabra" - inspired by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa's novel "Tuareg".
All pieces are lovingly arranged and instrumented in great detail, convey pure emotions and invite you to listen actively. In addition to Jens Lueck, who, as in the past, can be heard on drums, keyboards and background vocals, various studio musicians have contributed to the album. Among other things, many real strings were recorded in the studio.
The core of the album is the three-part title track "Whiteout", which tells the story of a young woman who begins to read a book that seems to describe her life. At the same time, reality fades and things that she thought had a permanent place in her life cease to exist: figuratively, the “whiteout” moment in someone's life story. "You Didn't Fall" is a tribute to people like the Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, who, despite great threats and reprisals, are committed to the education of women in fundamentalist Islamic countries.
Another central role is played by the influence of art on our lives and nature as a place of refuge and a haven of peace in a world at a crossroads.

01 Prologue
02 No Man's Land
03 Shine On
04 You Didn't Fall
05 Silent Strangers
06 Tikdabra
07 Silva
08 Fly Away
09 Into The Great Wide Open
10 Whiteout Part 1 The Book
11 Whiteout Part 2 Shifting World
12 Whiteout Part 3 Whiteout
13 Shine On (Reprise)