Isgaard - Wooden Houses (CD) (5871715713177)

Isgaard - Wooden Houses (CD)


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Released on Flat Earth Music/Art of Music in 2008. Isgaard's most emotional, dense album to date, marked by her charismatic voice. Ethnic and world music elements combine with piano and string sounds, Celtic or Gothic fragments keep appearing; like a musical journey. Some pieces were taken by Stefan Erdmann as film music for the film "Island 63° 66° N" - a fantastic journey through a fantastic country".
Influenced by Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Lisa Gerrard, Pink Floyd. Produced by Jens Lueck, Jan Petersen - guitar, Rodrigo Reichel and Stefan Pintev - violin and viola, Stefanie Richter - cello, Jens Lueck - drums, keyboards, backing vocals.

01 So Here I Am Once More
02 Wooden Houses
03 Gone With The Ice Wind
04 Send Me An Angel
05 Wasteland
06 Living On Mars
07 refugees
08 The sky is wide open
09 More Than This
10 You
11 The Queen
12 Fade Away
13 Iceland