Jacob Fortyhands - A Life On The Chase For Gold (CD) (5871825879193)

Jacob Fortyhands - A Life On The Chase For Gold (CD)


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Jacob Fortyhands come from Lohne, a small town between Bremen and Osnabrück. But actually one would assume the newcomers with their unmistakable vocal melodies and their danceable indie pop to be from the north of England.

The five-piece band delivers English-language songs that make you want to go on road trips and mild summer evenings - in short: their songs evoke a feeling of longing and familiarity. Initially intended as a project, Jacob Fortyhands was founded several years ago by Lukas (vocals & guitar), Carsten (drums) and Hendrik (guitar). When the bass player dropped out in 2017, Lukas' brother Jakob (bass) became a new member and "one project" became their band. Till (Synths & Keys) has been completing the quintet since 2019.

They create a mix of introverted lyrics that leave room for thought and catchy hooks that get stuck in your head. Just in their early 20s, Jacob Fortyhands have created a sound that is both modern and creatively reflecting their 80's folk and pop-rock influences, in the vein of The Police and Genesis.

01 High tides
02 Daisy
03 Chase For Gold
04 Great Heights
05 straight up
06 Motion