jaeger und sammler - graswurzelsongs (CD) (5871743271065)

hunters and collectors - grassroots songs (CD)


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What do you do when the hero of your youth dies? You remember, maybe a bit wistfully, but you can also get creative. At least that's how the Paderborn musician Manfred Jäger did it. The result of this creative mourning work will be released on CD in December and because he was not alone in this, the project is running under the label "jaeger und sammler. grassroots songs.”

01 Why – because of that?!
02 Land in sight
03 No sooner said than done!
04 Madness
05 Not with me
06 Do you think so?
07 The moon
08 That counts!
09 Was that all?
10 Come and see
11 Lullaby