Jäger & Hypius + Verstärkung - Feier (CD) (5900412453017)

Hunter & Hypius + Reinforcements - Celebration (CD)


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Jäger & Hypius + Reinforcement - behind this band name hide the two songwriters and guitarists Christian Jäger and Stefan Hypius as well as their well-groomed reinforcement Thorsten Grzesiak on drums and Kay Schiffer on keyboard instruments.
German-language music has been made together for 15 years now. Influences from the 80s are just as recognizable as elements from rock, pop and folk - but the songs always develop their own atmosphere and statement.
With their current EP "Feier", the Osnabrück band take up themes between home, tragedy and love in a refreshingly groovy way. The five songs of the EP are integrated into the program "Lieder & Lyrik", the CD "Feier" presents a small excerpt from this.
Stefan Hypius and Christian Jäger have always attached great importance to a harmonious mixture of text and music. “Feier” shows the listener a new side for the band: the setting of two poems had never been heard by Jäger & Hypius + Reinforcement. With a tongue-in-cheek comparison to her hometown, detailed and eloquent observations from up close and the tragically beautiful description of the place of longing of all failed and stranded souls, the EP "Feier" becomes an listener for heart and brain.
The EP "Feier" was recorded during the first wave of the corona pandemic. The four musicians and their guests on bass and vocals made up for canceled performances that should have taken them all the way to Prague. "Celebration" becomes a clear statement: just don't let it get you down!

01 Encounter - Through the snow
02 Cape Horn
03 Celebration
04 home song
05 supermarket